Dedicated to rebuilding Black Wall Street, one brick at a time, starting with the family.


Black Owned and Operated.

Established 2014

About us and our subsidies.

Yummy Yoni Pearls

Yoni pearls are used for detoxing and breaking down blockage inside of the vagina. Inside of a spherical, clothed sac, is a blend of all natural herbs which stimulate the healing process. Cleansing the vagina with Yoni pearls can eliminate endometriosis, fibroids, vaginal order, tubal blockages, infertility and more.

We are the James

The content from the "Young, Black & Married" book series are based on the couple's experiences in love and business. First, couples can learn how to snuggle through the struggle and maintain the family structure. Then, couples can learn how to start and brand their own businesses! The James' are here to help couples find happiness and financial freedom!
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RAW Passion Photography

RAW Passion Photography is a 24 hour film and photography company, offering a wide range of services. #RAWPassionPhotography is the home of the original graffiti photo shoot. RAW Passion Photography also has experience in video production, graphic design, promotion, and more. Visit us online at to see a full list of our services and subscribe to RAW Passion Photography’s YouTube channel.

Charcoal Tooth Powder

Try our 100% organic activated charcoal powder! FDA approved and it really works! Charcoal Tooth Powder is whiting without the worry becuase it is flouride free! Mix Charcoal Tooth Powder with organic coconut oil to make your own paste. Take advantage of our low price of $9.99 and get a free toothbrush with each container purchased! Don’t forget your Deep Cleansing Black Face Mask when you visit!

The Pop Up Shop Delaware

Shop all James & James, LLC. products at our new shop! The Pop Up Shop is now open! Located inside of the 285 Flea Market, The Pop Up Shop offers the latest “As seen on IG” products, owned by other small, local, and black businesses. Open from 12-7 PM Thursday-Sunday, The Pop Up Shop is a space for healing, profit sharing, and shopping! Visit us at 4525 Glenwood Rd. in Decatur, booth A7. Make a right through the entrance, then a left at the end of the hall!

The Photo Shop

The Photo Shop is the new home of RAW Passion Photography! Located inside the Southside Discount Mall, The Photo Shop offers professional, in-studio photographs, starting at $20! Visit our second location and shop the same products available at The Pop Up Shop! Visit us at 6525 Tara Blvd in Jonesboro, suite 101, across from the Food Court!


Meet the Founder and C.E.O.

Founder, Jared James

Jared "International L.o.$.E." James was born in Brooklyn, now living in Atlanta. He is the youngest child of three and grew up with a love for the streets. Jared's best qualities are his leadership skills as well as his ability to sell anything. As a teenager, he sold items from door to door and store to store. Eventually, his ambition led him into the music industry. After many years of being a successful party promoter, he decided to move down south. Slowly working his way down the coast, he finally settled in Georgia. Jared founded James & James, LLC. in 2014 with his wife.

James & James, LLC

James & James, LLC's mission is to establish and maintain successful businesses. Each subsidy of James & James, LLC is black owned and operated. Connect with all of our brands on social media!

Tremesia “C.E.O. Mesi” James

Mesi James is C.E.O. of James & James, LLC. Raised by a single mother, Mesi made it her life’s mission to provide a solid foundation for herself. In 2012, she graduated with a BA in Political Science from Savannah State University and married Jared "International L.o.$.E." James shortly after. Unable to find a job fitting of a political scientist, her husband invested in her love for art and passion for photography by establishing James & James, LLC.

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